Dual Enrollment at Gwinnett Tech

How to Apply and Complete Your Student File/Admissions Packet

The following items are needed for a complete student file/admissions packet. Please allow 7 business days for documents to be processed after we receive them.

  1. Begin the Admissions Application
    • Admissions application is valid for three semesters or while the student is actively participating in dual enrollment courses 
  2. Dual Enrollment Tuition Acknowledgement (DETA) form
  3. GaFutures Dual Enrollment funding application
    • The online GaFutures dual enrollment funding application must be completed each academic year.  The upcoming application is released in February, and the academic year starts with Summer term.
    • Visit www.GaFutures.org for more information
    • Watch a tutorial video from GaFutures
  4. Submit Qualifying Test Scores
    • Degree level programs, including Early College Essentials
      • SAT: Reading 17; Writing 17; Math 21
      • ACT: English 14; Math 17, Reading 16
      • Accuplacer: Read 236, Write 249; Math 229, Quant. Reasoning 245
      • PSAT (10 grade or later): Reading 17; Writing 17; Math 21
      • HOPE GPA (10 grade or later): 2.6
      • High School Cumulative GPA (completion of 9th grade) 2.6 or 81
    • Diploma or Certificate level programs
      • SAT: Reading 16; Writing 15; Math 18
      • ACT: English 13; Math 14, Reading 14
      • Accuplacer: Read 224, Write 236; Math 229,
      • PSAT (10 grade or later): Reading 16; Writing 15; Math 18
      • HOPE GPA (10 grade or later): 2.0
      • High School Cumulative GPA (completion of 9 grade) 2.0 or 73
    • We can accept your high school GPA or your HOPE GPA if sent to us in one of the following methods:
    • We can accept PSAT scores from the student if the score report is directly from CollegeBoard. The document must be an unaltered version, sent to us as a pdf that includes all pages and clearly shows the student’s name, month/year the PSAT was taken and the 2-digit score for each section 
    • We can accept SAT/ACT scores from CollegeBoard sent to our college
  5. To be submitted each academic year: Annual Declaration of Intent to Home School, if applicable.
  6. How to check your admission status: Video is coming soon!

Register for Classes as a Dual Enrollment Student

Students register themselves for courses through their student dashboard account:


  1. When is registration?
    • View the academic calendar
    • Look for “Priority Registration – Dual Enrollment Students” or “Priority Registration – New Students + Current Students”
  2. How To Register, Video
  3. How to Register (Downloadable PDF)
  4. Understanding Common Registration Errors, Video
  5. Understanding Common Registration Errors, PDF