Disability Services

Gwinnett Tech is committed to providing educational opportunities for all qualified students regardless of their disability. We provide reasonable academic accommodations for students with documented disabilities – without compromising academic standards.

Our policies comply with the regulations set forth by Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the American Disabilities Act of 1990. Gwinnett Technical College is an equal opportunity institution that admits otherwise qualified students with no regard to documented disabilities.

Gwinnett Tech will assist students with reasonable academic accommodations based on their individual documentation. Since the college does not provide specialized courses or tutoring specifically for students with disabilities, we will work with existing college resources such as the Learning Success Center for academic skills, the Assistive Technology and Testing Center, workshops and generalized tutoring.

Students are expected to identify themselves in a timely manner when an accommodation is needed and to provide appropriate documentation as requested. Failure to do so may cause students to either have to timely withdraw from classes or proceed without accommodations.

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  • Confidentiality
  • Documentation Needed
  • Rights and Responsibilities

Accommodations cannot be provided until documentation has been received and evaluated.

For more information, contact the Disabilities Service Office at 678-226-6691.