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Beginning Fall 2021, Gwinnett Technical College will offer more online courses through a new platform called “eCampus.”  The eCampus platform allows students from across Georgia to enroll in online courses offered by any Technical College System of Georgia (TCSG) college, providing students access to programs that may not be available at their home college. Upon completion of the eCampus course, students will earn credit at their home college.

The program/course offerings available via eCampus are:

CourseCourse Title
CIST2480AWS Cloud Foundations
HIST1111World History I
HIST1112World History II
HIST2111U.S. History I
HIST2112U.S. History II
MGMT1100Principles of Management
MUSC1101Music Appreciation
SOCI1101Introduction to Sociology
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eCampus FAQs

What is eCampus?

eCampus provides students the ability to enroll in digital online courses utilizing faulty from TCSG colleges, allowing students access to programs that would not have been available at their home technical college.

How does it work?

For a student, taking a course offered through eCampus is no different than other courses. A student enrolls in an eCampus course through their home college. The course is 100% online and is taught by a TCSG college instructor. The student receives credit for the course the same way they would if they completed the course at their home college.

When can students enroll?

Students must be admitted to the College and register for eCampus courses prior to the add/drop deadline indicated on the Academic Calendar.

Is there an enrollment cap?

Yes, this will be defined by the college hosting the course in question. Students will be able to see the class capacity in Banner when they register for eCampus courses.

What will the technical environment look like once eCampus has been implemented?

eCampus will enhance the current college technical environment with a number of system-wide solutions focused on improving the student experience, streamlining the recruitment to employment pipeline, maximizing enrollment opportunities, and sharing resources across all TCSG institutions.

Not all of these solutions will be available for Summer 2021 but will be rolled out on an aggressive timeline with new features added throughout FY 2022.

These solutions include:

  • A system-wide single identity for all students, faculty, and staff with a customized landing page linking users to their authorized applications
  • A system-wide customer relationship management (CRM) platform, providing recruitment, marketing, and retention tools to manage students throughout the full student lifecycle. (The CRM will be available for Summer term, with further enhancements planned for Fall.)
  • A suite of tools to automate the sharing of eCampus courses between colleges
  • Enhanced data collection, analytics, and reporting solutions across the entire system for credit and non-credit programs
  • Artificial intelligence solutions to assist students and augment college staff capabilities
    Cloud-first and mobile-first applications to serve our students from anywhere on any device.
What are the key benefits of eCampus for our colleges and their students? 

Benefits to Institutions:

  • High-quality instructors credentialed by home institutions reduces the need for additional adjuncts
  • Colleges have just-in-time access to instructional resources
  • Rapid scaling of in-demand courses
  • Enrollment increases through additional course offerings
  • New technology and seamlessly integrated applications
  • Cost-sharing for low enrollment courses

Benefits to Students:

  • Statewide access to top-tier educators in diverse fields
  • Expanded course catalog and program offerings
  • Streamlined access to student resources
  • Flexible scheduling, with online convenience, leading to faster program completion
  • End-to-end technology-augmented support
  • Portfolio sharing with local employers
Who should I contact with enrollment questions?

Please contact Enrollment Support at

Are there admission requirements for using eCampus?

eCampus is a delivery platform used by all Technical Colleges. The admission or placement requirements are determined by your college for all programs.

Does eCampus cost anything?

Standard tuition and fees cover the cost of eCampus.

What technology do I have to have to use eCampus?

A device that connects to the internet and access to some form of web browser.  Some courses may have more requirements such as software or other hardware.

How do I enroll in class?

Students enroll in a class using the college’s normal enrollment platform.

If I don’t have access to the internet, can I still have access to this tool and its resources?

Yes.  Colleges will provide access via local College internet on their campus and provide location information for Wi-Fi hotspots strategically placed within your community.

How will access student services such as library resources, tutoring, financial aid, course materials, etc?

Please refer to your home college’s eCampus resource page.

How do I get access to career services using eCampus?

Please refer to your home college’s career services office.

How do I access my schedule?

You are able to view your schedule via your college’s normal platform.

How can I get technical support if I have problems?

Support will be provided by local college IT department for authentication issues, Learning Management System (LMS) team can provide support for issues within the online learning platform.

How do I request accommodations for my disability?

Please contact your home college’s disability services.

I am an adult education student and want to know how this tool will work for me?

Adult education students are able to take courses through eCampus if they are enrolled at a technical college. Pease contact your program administrator for more information.

What is a digital student ID and digital credential?

Single username/password using multi-factor authentication (MFA) that will access a portal to provide tools needed by the student.

If I use eCampus, is there still a way to talk to a live person?

You will given a dedicated ambassador that will be available to you both for digital communications and voice communications, whether that be in person or by phone/telepresence.

Do I have to go on campus for a proctored event if I am using eCampus to take a course?

The majority of the programs/courses do not require a physical proctored event, but there are some program/courses that may require a physical proctored event, you should be able to find this requirement in each course description.

How is eCampus different from being on campus at my college?

All coursework is online and eCampus courses may have a different start date than the other on-campus courses. The student will still have a relationship with her/his home institution and have full access to student services such as academic advisement, financial aid, and tutoring.

Does eCampus support real-time interaction or only prerecorded content?

eCampus supports real-time interaction.

Can I use eCampus to attend a study group?

Yes. There will be a way to connect via some form of telepresence systems such as WebEx, Microsoft Teams, etc. to collaborate with other students.

Who has access to my information and data?

All data will be protected in compliance with TCSG’s privacy policy and following the FERPA, GLBA and/or other applicable regulations.

Do I have to pay the same tuition if I only access education online?

Yes. Tuition is the same for on campus and virtual students. The online coursework has been carefully curated to provide the same competencies as coursework taken on campus.