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Class of 2024 High School Seniors – we’re glad you’re here!

Gwinnett Technical College is excited to participate in Governor Brian Kemp’s direct college admissions initiative, GEORGIA MATCH.

If you’re a high school student in Georgia looking to navigate the college admission process with ease, you’re in the right place! We’re thrilled to tell you about the GEORGIA MATCH program.

So, what’s GEORGIA MATCH all about? It’s a fantastic platform that lets you know where you’re provisionally eligible for admission based on your recent high school calculated HOPE grade point average (GPA). Essentially, GEORGIA MATCH is your compass to discovering potential academic opportunities right here in Georgia.

You can view your GEORGIA MATCH colleges directly on the GAfutures Student Dashboard. While this gives you an initial idea of where you might be eligible to study, remember that you’ll still need to submit an official application to join our Gwinnett Technical College family or any other institution of your choice.

Note: The GEORGIA MATCH system collaborates closely with both public and private accredited high schools throughout Georgia.

DISCLAIMER: Being listed on your GEORGIA MATCH letter or Dashboard signifies a provisional acceptance. It doesn’t guarantee your admission to Gwinnett Technical College or any other specific college, university, or particular major/program of study. The final call on admissions is made based on the college’s criteria, your final transcript, and your high school graduation status.

Got questions? Feel free to reach out! We’re here to help you take the next steps on your academic journey at Gwinnett Technical College. Let’s pave the path to your bright future together!

We’re holding a spot for you to continue your education at Gwinnett Tech and start your career in Georgia!

Gwinnett Tech offers career education across two campuses. Apply today so we can hold your spot for Fall.

For more information, please visit the GAFutures website.

Start Your Journey Today! The Admissions Team at Gwinnett Technical College:

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