Continuing Education at Gwinnett Tech

Continuing Education is an all-encompassing term describing non-credit, formal learning activities that are not focused on a college degree outcome. Continuing Education is the process of introducing as well as refreshing knowledge, skills and current practices; and also, formal courses, seminars, and webinars designed to educate individuals and give them additional skills or knowledge to be applied in their chosen line of work. These programs are intended to educate the workforce on new advancements, or to build upon a person’s expertise in a given field, maintain status, obtain certification or licensure.

If you have questions, call 770-995-9697 or e-mail us at to discover how a seminar or workshop can boost your career and add zest to your life today!

In-person Learning
Instructional interaction occurs in-person, in a classroom, and on one of our two campuses.
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Learning through CCI
Self-paced online learning though our educational partner CCI.
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Learning through ED2GO
Instructor-led online learning and self-paced online learning though our educational partner Ed2Go