Welcome to the Institute of Cyber Defense Education (ICDE) at Gwinnett Technical College where our faculty is dedicated to excellence in cybersecurity education for our students. Our ICDE program will give you the necessary skills to work in the competitive market of cyber security and defense. 

In partnership with the Institute of Cyber Defense Education, Gwinnett Technical College provides a variety of training for faculty and staff including biannual, mandated cybersecurity training. All Gwinnett Tech students receive information about cybersecurity in New Student Orientation and the First Year Experience course (FYES 1000). Additionally, ICDE’s Resources Page also includes links to Gwinnett Tech’s Information Technology policies and institutional security as well as general topics in information security.

What is our vision at ICDE?

  • Promote courses committed to excellence in educating the next-generation of cybersecurity experts
  • Provide innovative and adaptive learning techniques to equip Gwinnett Tech graduates with the knowledge and tools necessary to fight the battle of cyber defense
  • Creation of a cyber war-room where students can practice offensive and defensive cybersecurity scenarios
  • Build an effective conduit of cybersecurity information for our campuses and our surrounding communities
  • Continue to improve and innovate cyber defense curriculum, programs, and events to promote a safer digital world


What is our goal at ICDE?
With the predicted shortage of 1 million cybersecurity professionals by 2025, the goal of the ICDE is to graduate students who have acquired expertise relevant to protecting the cyber assets of both governmental and corporate enterprise.

The ICDE Program and Oversight chair is Dean, Garfield Anderson, ganderson@GwinnettTech.edu. The contributing committee consists of Mr. David Pragel, dpragel@GwinnettTech.edu and Ms. Deborah von Deutsch, dvondeutsch@GwinnettTech.edu.