Using the GPA Improvement Planning Calculator

The calculator below is intended to help you see what it would take to improve your GPA to your desired level. Start by putting in your Current GPA and Attempted Hours. To get your Current GPA and Attempted Hours, you can look at your Academic Transcript through Banner.

If you would like to see how actively enrolled or upcoming courses will affect your GPA, you can use the middle section of the calculator. Select the number of credit hours for each course and your anticipated grade for each course. Then click the calculate button.

If you would like to see how many credit hours it would take to raise your GPA to the desired level, use the bottom portion of the calculator. Type in your desired GPA and the GPA you believe you can maintain in your future courses. Then click on the calculate button.

Note: Up to thirty (30) hours of non-credit remedial / Learning Support course-work may be excluded when calculating GPA.

Enrolled / Projected