Gwinnett Technical College Sees Spring Enrollment Up Almost 10%

GWINNETT – Gwinnett Technical College has increased enrollment numbers for the third consecutive semester. Spring semester 2023 has recorded an almost 10% boost in enrollment over a year ago. As a result, more than 8,400 students across the region are entering the classrooms at Gwinnett Tech for exciting educational programs and career opportunities.

Dr. D. Glen Cannon, President of Gwinnett Tech, attributes this surge in enrollment to a few key factors:

  • Opening the new Emerging Technologies building and renovation of Building A dedicated to computer information systems, cybersecurity, and emerging technologies, as well as a renovation to the library, student life center, and additional science labs.
  • Students from public, private, and home schools earning college credits while still attending high school through the college’s Dual Enrollment programs. 
  • Opening new and expanding academic programs to feed high-demand careers such as Driverless and Driver Assist Systems, Rapid Transit Technology, AWS Cloud Solutions, iOS App Development in Swift, and Ford ASSET Automotive program.
GTC student studying

Dr. Cannon states, “Our enrollment growth is a great indicator of students realizing we offer the skills needed in today’s competitive job market. Employers want to know what you can do and bring to the table, not where you went to College. There is a strategic fight for talent right now, and Gwinnett Tech is providing programs for careers in the most high-demand and attractive fields. We just opened our new $50 million Emerging Technologies Building, and our Health Programs are being maxed out. In addition, we are one of the few institutions to offer all the professional construction trades and are the leader at this point in Electric Vehicle training. I believe the College is on a growth trajectory for the foreseeable future.”