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Hotel, Restaurant & Tourism Management (HRTM)

The Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Management program at Gwinnett Tech prepares students to begin successful careers in any one of the numerous opportunities available in food and beverage management, hotel management or tourism management. The tourism industry is the 5th largest employer in Georgia, supplying more than 430,000 jobs!

What are my program options?

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Take the first step towards this career and apply for next semester! Important dates and deadlines are listed to get you started and if you’re looking for ways to pay for your education, explore our scholarships for this program. You can also learn about our faculty and clubs and organizations to join!

Gwinnett Tech builds relationships with local subject-matter experts to develop advisory boards, who provide feedback that ensures we deliver relevant industry-specific curriculum for today’s high-demand careers. See who serves on our Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Management advisory board.


The hospitality industry is the number one industry in metro Atlanta and the number two industry in Georgia! The HRTM program at Gwinnett Tech prepares students to begin successful careers in one of the largest and fastest growing sectors of our economy.

Numerous career opportunities are available in food and beverage management, hotel management, or tourism management. In fact, according to the Georgia Department of Economic Development the Tourism industry is the 5th largest employer in Georgia, supporting more than 430,000 jobs! Gwinnett Tech can prepare you for a career in this exciting field.

Tell me more about this program.

Students enrolled in the HRTM program learn event planning, hotel operations management, tour and cruise management, how to market tourism destinations and more.

What career options will I have?

  • Lodging Manager
  • Catering Manager
  • Event Manager
  • Restaurant Manager
  • Travel Agent

How much will it cost?

Gwinnett Tech offers affordability at $100 per credit hour + fees. Great opportunities for scholarships and financial aid with HOPE Grant, HOPE scholarship, HOPE Career Grants and more!