Rapid Transit Technician
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The rapid transit technician program at Gwinnett Tech prepares students for entry-level rail systems repair and maintenance positions. This program will provide students with a general knowledge of Programmable Logic Controls (PLCs) and the skills needed to diagnose, repair, and maintain rapid transit systems using various tools, machines, and test equipment.

Rapid Transit Technician

What kind of jobs can I expect to find?

  1. Rapid Transit Technicians
  2. Journeyman Electrical Power Electrician
  3. Electronic Technician - Faregate Maintenance
  4. Electronic Technician - Rail Car Maintenance
  5. Electronic Technician - Train Control

Can I work while I learn?

Class schedules are designed to encourage student employment in the industry while taking classes.

Check out our Rapid Transit Technician Program!

Join Gwinnett Tech's practical yet impactful Rapid Transit Technician program. Explore the inner workings of rail transportation through hands-on experiences in electromechanical analysis, logic control programming, and rail infrastructure maintenance. Discover exciting career paths, from Rapid Transit Technicians to specialized Electronic Technicians, all with flexible class schedules designed to complement your industry aspirations.