2017 Georgia Gun Carry Bill

Changes Effective Saturday, July 1, 2017

The Governor of Georgia has signed a bill that will allow Georgia Weapons Carry License (WCL) holders to carry a concealed handgun on college campuses. However, there are exceptions to this new law. This document provides information about the law and exceptions to the law. Please read and understand the information provided. It is the responsibility of the WCL holder to comply with the law.

The Georgia law commonly known as the “Campus Carry Legislation went into effect on July 1, 2017. This law was modified on April 13, 2022, by Senate Bill 319, which removed the license requirement.

To read House Bill 319 in its entirety, please visit the following link:

Date of implementation: July 1, 2017
Elements of the law (OCGA 16-11-127.1)

  • Must be age 21 or over (unless an active member of the military)
  • Applies to anyone on campus
  • Applies only to handguns (revolvers and pistols)
  • Must have valid GA Weapons Carry License (WCL)
  • Authorized in any building or on real property (buildings or land) owned or leased by the college,
    • College and Career Academies
    • Classes w/ Dual Enrollment high school students (defined as the space or room being currently used for Dual Enrollment high school instruction)
    • Faculty, staff or administrative offices
    • Rooms where disciplinary hearings are conducted
  • Must be concealed – carried in such a fashion it does not actively solicit the attention of others… is not openly and intentionally displayed, substantially covered by an article of clothing, or carried within a bag of nondescript nature

Again, it is the responsibility of the weapons carry license holder to know the law and follow it at all times.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Where can weapons be secured when not being carried on campus by permit holder? Secured in the gun owner’s vehicle. We will not provide weapons storage facilities.
  2. How will anyone know whether a class has Dual Enrollment high school students in it? It is incumbent upon the licensed carrier to determine when these conditions exist and not violate the law. Students may ask their fellow classmates if anyone is a Dual Enrollment, or high school student, however, fellow students are not required to identify themselves as Dual Enrollment or high school student. Students who inquire about a class they are attending can ask their instructor, the front desk, their enrollment advisor, academic affairs, or the campus police office.
  3. What is penalty for violation? See OGCA 16-11-127.1. If the violator has a valid carry license, on first offense, the penalty is a misdemeanor and a $25 fine. If the violator does not have a carry license the charge is a felony.
  4. Can law enforcement ask to see weapon carry license at any time? Officers may not detain an individual for the sole purpose of asking if they have a carry license or requesting to view it.
  5. Must the permit be on your person while carrying? Yes
  6. Does it apply to any area where a student conduct hearing may occur or has occurred? It applies to any area where a student conduct hearing is occurring or will occur in the immediate future.
  7. What happens when high school (or younger) students are in common areas? The prohibition only applies to areas in current use for instruction of students who are Dual Enrollment or high school. Common areas where these students may be present are not covered.

To read House Bill 280 in its entirety, please visit http://www.legis.ga.gov/Legislation/20172018/170679.pdf .