Reset password procedure.


The link to reset your password is located at the bottom of this page. Please do not proceed with the process until you have read the below information and determined which method you will need to use.

Password resets for first time users of the GTC Dashboard:

If this is the very first time you are logging into the Dashboard and your default password (which is always “gtc” and then your six digit birthday, example: “gtc010580”) is not working, or you are a new student and never logged into your account within the past 90 days and it has expired, you will see the following notice after initiating a password reset:

Cannot very your account

The reason you are seeing this notice is because there were never any security verification options setup for you (this is done by you the first time you login to the Dashboard), so there is no way to reset your account by prompting you for one of those options. In this case, you need to click the link that says “contact an administrator”. Once you do that you will see the following screen:

Admin notified

IMPORTANT: Once you reach this step no further action is necessary on your part! An automated process will reset your password in 15 minutes from the point you make the request using the following format: gtcmmddyy + 900 Student ID number. For example:

Your birthdate is: January 5th, 1980

Your Student ID number is: 900123456

Your password would be reset to: gtc010580900123456

Not sure what your Student ID number is? Use the procedure below to obtain it:

1. Go to the and click on “Enter Student/Faculty Secure Area”.

2. Scroll down to where you enter your User ID and Pin # (your PIN will be your social security number and the six digits of your birthday), and login.

3. Go to “View Student Information” and on the right side of the page you will see your 900XXXXXX Student ID number.

Password resets for users who have already setup their verification methods in the GTC Dashboard:

If you have already previously logged into the GTC Dashboard and setup a security verification method, you can can simply proceed to the link below and reset your password using the security option/s you’ve setup.

For an in-depth guide on how to perform these steps, please refer to this link: Guide

For quick FAQs on the procedure, please refer to this link: FAQs

Link to password reset webpage: Please click HERE to proceed to the password reset webpage.