Our Story

Established in 1994, the Gwinnett Tech Foundation was created to support and enhance higher education at Gwinnett Tech. Within that broad mission, our actions, achievements and priorities are many – but all ultimately benefit our students and by extension, our community.

The Foundation works to secure student scholarships and additional ways to make the goal of a college education – and a rewarding career – possible. In addition, to enrich our faculty and staff, we develop and make funding possible for a host of professional development opportunities. On campus, the Foundation is the driving force behind the capital drives that made many of Gwinnett Tech’s facilities possible — including the George Busbee International Center for Workforce Development, Life Sciences Center, and the Alpharetta-North Fulton Campus.

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Foundation Overview

Gwinnett Tech Foundation, Inc. was established in 1994, as a non-governmental, nonprofit organization having a principal fund of its own, managed by its own trustees and directors, and established to maintain or aid Gwinnett Tech.

It was established to act as:

  1. A vehicle for active fund raising.
  2. A vehicle for spending funds directly associated with the instructional programs that may not be within the rules and regulations affecting public educational institutions.
  3. A vehicle for responding rapidly to requests from business and industry.
  4. A vehicle for smoothing out the unevenness of governmental income.
  5. A vehicle for an incentive to generate additional revenues for the operation and improvement of Gwinnett Tech.
  6. A vehicle for assisting students by providing scholarships, endowments, and grants.

Since its inception, the Foundation’s main area of focus has been creating access for citizens. With the rapidly growing citizenry in Gwinnett and surrounding communities, much of the emphasis has been on capital, buildings and campus infrastructure. Other areas of work involve funding support for program operating costs, development of new programs and educational scholarships for students, as well as insuring that the faculty and staff continue to provide relevant knowledge in the classroom and supporting services.


The Gwinnett Tech Foundation plays an important role in alleviating barriers to a student’s ability to complete their education. To date, the Gwinnett Tech Foundation has invested over $43 million in student and program support...


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Foundation Board

The Gwinnett Tech Foundation is guided by a Board of Trustees made up of volunteers from the community who are leaders in various businesses and community organizations. The Board of Trustees is responsible and accountable to the organization’s donors...

Meeting Dates

Meeting Dates: 2022 – 2023

“Gwinnett Tech has come into its own and the school is stepping up and meeting the challenges of the 21st century. Bioscience education is happening in Gwinnett County, and it’s at Gwinnett Tech. The school has a mission now to lead, not follow. And as an employer, I can tell you, I want to hire folks from Gwinnett Tech.”
Sean Murphy, Past Chair, Gwinnett Tech Foundation Board of Trustees Emeritus
Why I Give

Gwinnett Tech supporters come from many walks of life and backgrounds. Some were scholarship recipients themselves in their youth, and are committed to assisting today’s students who are striving to achieve their dreams. Gwinnett Tech Foundation donors not only invest their treasure in student success, but many are involved personally as mentors, classroom guest lecturers and serve on program advisory boards and other committees.