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Complete your HiSET® Exam at the Gwinnett Tech Testing Center on either the College’s Lawrenceville or Alpharetta-North Fulton campuses!

HiSET Quick Facts

    • HiSET preparation classes are free. Classes are not required for anyone 18 years or older.
    • Scholarships are available to assist with HiSET testing fees for students enrolled in preparation classes. Contact the Adult Education division at 678-226-6702 or 678-226-6720 for more information.
    • Georgia HiSET graduates may be eligible to free tuition in areas of study funded by the HOPE Career Grant.
    • Cost of the tests is $26.75 each. The complete test costs $133.75.
      • Reading
      • Writing
      • Math
      • Science
      • Social Studies
    • The HiSET is accepted for admission into Georgia’s public, private and technical colleges.
    • To learn more about the HiSET exam, visit hiset.org