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All Other Foreign Students

Gwinnett Technical College is certified to offer Associate Degree programs for F Type students. Students with an up-to-date or valid C (except for D.A.C.A. students), D, or M Visa should not enroll at Gwinnett Tech.

Students with an up-to-date or valid B Visa may engage in studies that are avocational or recreational in nature. To engage in vocational studies at Gwinnett Technical College B visa holders may apply to change their status from B to F.

F-2 Visa students and holders of all other visa types, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival (D.A.C.A.) participants, parole holders, Temporary Protected Status (T.P.S.) beneficiaries, pending cases for asylum, and undocumented students should follow the admission requirements listed here:

For information on other institutions in the United States which may admit M Type Visa students please visit

For information on other Technical College System of Georgia (TCSG) institutions which may admit M Type Visa students, please visit International Students seeking to complete courses for college credits at Gwinnett Technical College would be required to pay Foreign Tuition Rates.