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F1 Application Process

Due to the amount of time required for gathering, preparing, and processing the immigration paperwork, Gwinnett Technical College encourages international applicants to apply at least 3 months prior to their desired start date.  For example, if you want to attend classes for the fall semester, we recommend you to complete your application and submit all required documents in May.

1. Identify the program of study you would like to apply to from the F1 Visa Student Eligible Programs list below.

Accounting Technology, AAS Alpharetta-North Fulton & Lawrenceville
A. S. General BusinessAlpharetta-North Fulton & Lawrenceville
Business Management, AAS Alpharetta-North Fulton & Lawrenceville
A. S. Criminal JusticeAlpharetta-North Fulton & Lawrenceville
Criminal Justice Technology, AAS Alpharetta-North Fulton & Lawrenceville
Culinary Arts, AASLawrenceville
Hotel Restaurant and Tourism Management, AASAlpharetta-North Fulton & Lawrenceville
Interiors, AASLawrenceville
Marketing Management, AAS Alpharetta-North Fulton & Lawrenceville
Computer Programming, AASAlpharetta-North Fulton & Lawrenceville
Cybersecurity, AAS Alpharetta-North Fulton & Lawrenceville
Game Development, AASAlpharetta-North Fulton & Lawrenceville
Networking Specialist, AAS Alpharetta-North Fulton & Lawrenceville
Web Site Design/Development, AAS Alpharetta-North Fulton & Lawrenceville
Air Conditioning Technology, AAS Lawrenceville
Residential Construction Management, AAS Lawrenceville
Commercial Construction Management, AAS Lawrenceville
Drafting Technology, AASLawrenceville
Engineering Technology, AAS Lawrenceville
Environmental Horticulture, AAS Lawrenceville
Mechatronics Technology, AAS Lawrenceville
Mercedes-Benz College Automotive Program, AAS Lawrenceville
Ford ASSET Automotive, AAS Lawrenceville
Automotive Technology, AAS Lawrenceville
MOPAR (CAP) College Automotive Program, AAS Lawrenceville
Interdisciplinary Studies, AAS Alpharetta-North Fulton & Lawrenceville
Early Childhood Care and Education, AAS Lawrenceville
Bioscience Technology, AAS Lawrenceville

Competitive Health Programs

The following programs are competitive entry only offered on the Lawrenceville Campus. Applicants will be placed into Interdisciplinary Studies, AAS to complete prerequisites.

Cardiovascular Technology, AAS
Diagnostic Medical Sonography, AAS
Echocardiography Technology, AAS
Paramedicine, AAS
Radiologic Technology, AAS
Respiratory Care, AAS
Surgical Technology, AAS
Veterinary Technology, AAS
Registered Nursing Program, ADN

2. Apply to Gwinnett Tech

  1. Visit Gwinnett Technical College’s Application and select the “Click Here to Register” option to create a user account, complete and submit your online application to one of the degree level programs above, and pay the non-refundable Application Fee.  Please remember the email address and password you used to create your account.
  2. Submit an official document-by-document evaluation of your High School Diploma. Transfer applicants who have earned an associate’s or bachelor’s degree are not required to submit a high school diploma or a GED transcript.

3. Submit official college/university transcripts.

  • Applicants with foreign documents are required to have course-by-course evaluation by an approved NACES evaluation company. A list of approved evaluation companies.
  • Evaluations sent as pdf copies via email from applicants are not accepted.
  • Evaluations are accepted by email only if sent directly by the evaluation company to
  • Official transcript evaluations may also be received in person by GTC’s Recruitment Office in the original sealed envelope provided by the evaluation company.
  • Evaluations may also be mailed from the evaluation company to:

Admissions Office

Gwinnett Technical College

5150 Sugarloaf Parkway

Lawrenceville, GA  30043

4. Submit proof of English Language Proficiency

  • If English is NOT your first language, please submit official score of the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL): A score of 500 or higher on the written test or a score of 173 or higher on the computerized version of TOEFL is required.
  • For course placement, scores from one of the following testing agencies are also required:
    • Next-Generation Accuplacer: Arithmetic: 229, Quantitative Reasoning: 245, Reading Comprehension: 236, Writing: 249
    • SAT: Reading 25, Writing 26, Math 24
    • ACT: Reading 19, English 19, Math 19
    • Test scores must be within the last 5 years

5. Email F-1 Visa Documents

Send the following F-1 Visa documents as attachments in ONE EMAIL with your name in the subject line to

  • F-1 Visa Affidavit of Financial Support
  • Bank statements must be dated within the past three months. Bank statements must be translated in English and funds should be presented in US currency. Bank contact information should be printed on the statements.

*Please maintain a copy of the bank statements and Affidavit of Support for your Visa interview.


  1. After we receive all your documents, your application will be reviewed and processed.
  2. If you meet our admissions criteria, you will receive a letter of acceptance.
  3. GTC’s Office of International Student Services will prepare and print your I-20 Form.
  4. GTC’s Office of International Student Services will email your I-20 Form and how to pay your SEVIS I-901 Fee (if applying for an initial I-20).
  5. You will make an appointment with a US embassy for a Visa interview (if applying outside of the country).
  6. If you are approved for a Visa, please email GTC’s Office of International Student Services immediately, so we can help you with registration for your first semester classes.


At the port-of-entry to the U.S., the student will be interviewed again and the Arrival/Departure Form I-

94 will be issued. The earliest date of entry into the U.S. allowed is 30 days prior to the start date

indicated on the I-20 form. Please email within two days of your arrival.

The student will not be allowed entry into the U.S. beyond the start date.

It is mandatory that all arriving visa students check into GTC’s Office of International Student Services within 10 days of arriving in Georgia to complete U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service requirements. Gwinnett Technical College will need to make a copy of:

  • the student’s passport picture
  • F-1 visa (stamped in passport),
  • I-94 form (obtained at Arrival/Departure in the airport)
  • a clear photocopy of your I-901 receipt.

 A new international student orientation will be provided before the term begins.


Immigration law states that international students must take a full-time course load each academic term. A full-time course load at Gwinnett Technical College is considered 12 credit hours.

Estimated Cost for One Academic Year
Tuition (12 semester hours)$9,600 (USD)
Fees$956 (USD)
Books$1,750 (USD)
Living Expenses$22,700 (USD)
Total Cost (estimated cost)$35,006 (USD)

Fees are capped at 15 credit hours, meaning that any credit hours above 15 are no additional tuition cost to students. One credit hour for an international student is $400.00. International Student fees for 12 credit hours are as follows: Tuition ($4,800) + Registration ($92.00) + Student Activity Fee ($30.00) + Accident Insurance Fee ($6.00) + Technology Fee ($110.00) + Facility Access Fee ($85.00) + Instructional Fee ($60.00) + Campus Safety Fee ($45.00) + Campus Fee ($50.00) = $5,278.00.

* Cost of tuition and fees are subject to increase annually. Federal financial aid is not available to international students but students are welcome to apply for outside scholarships. Students are expected to pay their tuition and registration fees in full when they register for classes.