As a student receiving financial aid at Gwinnett Technical College:

  • You have the right to know that the information you give to the One Stop for Student Services or the Student Financial Aid Office will be treated confidentially as mandated by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).
  • You have the right to seek financial aid counseling.
  • You have the right to know what financial assistance is available, including all federal, state, and institutional aid programs.
  • You have the right to know the procedures and deadlines for submitting applications for each financial aid program (including federal, state, and institutional aid programs).
  • You have the right to know how your financial aid awards were calculated, the criteria to receive each award, and how the funds will be distributed or disbursed.
  • You have the right to accept or decline any of your financial aid award(s)
  • You have the right to know the terms of any employment program you participate in.
  • You have the right to submit a Special Circumstances Application, requesting reconsideration of your financial aid eligibility if you or your family’s circumstances change.
  • You have the right to submit an Academic Progress Appeal if you do not meet the Standards of Satisfactory Academic Progress.
  • You have the right to know Gwinnett Technical College’s refund policy and the federal Return to Title IV policy.
  • To know what portion of the financial aid you received must be repaid, and what portion is grant aid. If the aid is a loan, you have the right to know what the interest rate is, the total amount that must be repaid, the repayment procedures, the length of time you have to repay the loan, and when repayment is to begin. Under the Federal Stafford Loan program if you cannot meet the repayment schedule, you may request that the loan payments be reduced for a specific period of time if it will assist you in avoiding default.
  • To request an explanation of the various programs in your student aid package.
  • To know campus security policies and crime statistics.
  • The consequences of defaulting on your loan.
  • When repayment will begin and your average monthly payment.*
  • If and when your loan is sold or otherwise transferred.*
  • That your loan(s) will not automatically be discharged if you file bankruptcy.*
  • A copy of your repayment schedule and detailed information about your interest rates, fees, balance owed and repayment options*
  • A six month grace period before repayment begins*
  • A standard repayment period of at least ten years*

As a student receiving financial aid at Gwinnett Technical College:

  • You are responsible for providing accurate information to the Office of Financial Aid
  • You are responsible for reapplying for financial aid each and every year if you wish to be considered for financial aid funding
  •  You are responsible for completing applications correctly and on time.
  • You are responsible for reading and understanding all materials sent to you from the One Stop for Student Services or the Student Financial Aid Office and all forms you are asked to submit or sign.
  • You are responsible for requesting assistance if you have questions or don’t understand the information provided to you.
  • You are responsible for submitting documentation and information requested by the Office of Financial Aid in a timely manner and keeping copies for your own records.
  • You are responsible for checking your Gwinnett Tech Student Banner account regularly.
  • You are responsible for notifying the College of any name or address changes.
  • You are responsible for knowing and complying with the rules governing your financial aid awards.
  • You are responsible for participating in classes and completing the requirements for each course in which you enroll.
  • You are responsible for compliance with Gwinnett Technical Colleges’ refund policy and Federal Return to Title IV Aid policy, should you withdraw from the College (either officially or unofficially).
  • You are responsible for notifying the Office of Financial Aid of any financial awards you receive from outside resources (including scholarships, grants, Veteran’s Benefits, tuition waivers, or other educational/tuition assistance) not already listed on your Financial Aid Award Letter or your Gwinnett Tech Student Banner account.
  • If you borrow a student loan, you are responsible for completing loan entrance and exit counseling.
  • You are responsible for the repayment of all loans in accordance with the terms of your promissory note. You are responsible for notifying your lender if any of the following occurs before your loan is repaid: change of address, graduation, withdrawal from Gwinnett Technical College or less than half-time attendance, name change, or transfer to another institution.
  • You are responsible for maintaining Satisfactory Academic Progress.
  • You are responsible for using financial aid for educational expenses incurred while attending Gwinnett Technical College.
  • You are responsible for the repayment of any over award of financial aid.
  • If you borrow a federal loan, think about how much you’re borrowing borrow wisely!
  • To perform the work that is agreed upon in accepting a Federal Work-Study award before you receive payment.
  • To repay your student loans, even if you don’t complete your education, can’t get a job, or aren’t happy with your education.
  • Request a deferment or forbearance, or change repayment plans if you’re having trouble making your monthly payments.

The Borrower’s Rights and Responsibilities Statement provides information about the terms and consideration of the loans you received under the accompanying Master Promissory Note (MPN) for Federal Direct Stafford/Ford Loans (Direct Subsidized Loans) and Federal Direct Unsubsidized Stafford/Ford Loans (Direct Unsubsidized Loans).   Read the full document.  

*This notification is sent by your loan servicer. If unsure of your loan servicer, find contact information at:National Student Loan Data System.

34 CFR 668.41(a)-(d), 34 CFR 668.42, 34 CFR 668.43
Rights and responsibilities of students receiving Title IV, HEA student Financial Aid, including criteria for continued student eligibility and standards for Satisfactory Academic Progress.  Made available through appropriate publications, mailing, or electronic media.