Dual Enrollment at Gwinnett Tech

How to Apply and Complete Your Student File/Admissions Packet

The following items are needed for a complete student file/admissions packet. Please allow 7 business days for documents to be processed after we receive them.

  1. Begin the Admissions Application
  2. Dual Enrollment Tuition Acknowledgement (DETA) form
  3. GaFutures Dual Enrollment funding application
    • The online GaFutures dual enrollment funding application must be completed each academic year.  The upcoming application is released in February, and the academic year starts with Summer term.
    • Visit www.GaFutures.org for more information
    • Watch a tutorial video from GaFutures
  4. Submit Qualifying Test Scores
    • Degree level programs, including Early College Essentials
      • SAT: Reading 17; Writing 17; Math 21
      • ACT: English 14; Math 17, Reading 16
      • Accuplacer: Read 236, Write 249; Math 229, Quant. Reasoning 245
      • PSAT (10 grade or later): Reading 17; Writing 17; Math 21
      • HOPE GPA (10 grade or later): 2.6
      • High School Cumulative GPA (completion of 9th grade) 2.6 or 81
    • Diploma or Certificate level programs
      • SAT: Reading 16; Writing 15; Math 18
      • ACT: English 13; Math 14, Reading 14
      • Accuplacer: Read 224, Write 236; Math 229,
      • PSAT (10 grade or later): Reading 16; Writing 15; Math 18
      • HOPE GPA (10 grade or later): 2.0
      • High School Cumulative GPA (completion of 9 grade) 2.0 or 73
    • We can accept your high school GPA or your HOPE GPA if sent to us in one of the following methods:
    • We can accept PSAT scores from the student if the score report is directly from CollegeBoard. The document must be an unaltered version, sent to us as a pdf that includes all pages and clearly shows the student’s name, month/year the PSAT was taken and the 2-digit score for each section 
    • We can accept SAT/ACT scores from CollegeBoard sent to our college
  5. To be submitted each academic year: Annual Declaration of Intent to Home School, if applicable.
  6. How to check your admission status: Video is coming soon!

Register for Classes as a Dual Enrollment Student

Students register themselves for courses through their student dashboard account:


  1. When is registration?
    • View the academic calendar
    • Look for “Priority Registration – Dual Enrollment Students” or “Priority Registration – New Students + Current Students”
  2. How To Register, Video
  3. How to Register (Downloadable PDF)
  4. Understanding Common Registration Errors, Video
  5. Understanding Common Registration Errors, PDF