Gwinnett Technical College Foundation Awarded $70,000 Grant from The Atlanta Women’s Foundation

Gwinnett Technical College Foundation Awarded $70,000 Grant from The Atlanta Women’s Foundation
GWINNETT – NORTH FULTON – Gwinnett Tech Foundation has been awarded $70,000 from The Atlanta Women’s Foundation to support women with children through the Office of Special Populations. This gift will help Gwinnett Technical College eliminate or decrease the barriers that impede women from obtaining a post-secondary degree.

With this award, Gwinnett Technical College’s Foundation will create a scholarship fund to assist with costs associated with transportation to and from class, childcare, tuition assistance and program supplies.

“This scholarship fund will help students alleviate some of the financial strains that exist in single parent homes. For the first time, we have chance to offer transportation assistance. I am excited the funds will remove barriers that may hinder students from reaching their goals,” stated Lisa Richardson, special populations coordinator.

Special Populations within Gwinnett Tech are students with disabilities, economically disadvantaged, single parents, displace homemakers, non-traditional or have limited English proficiency. Single female parents attending Gwinnett Tech face particular challenges while working toward obtaining their college degree. “Our single female parents are low income, unemployed, or work part-time or full-time for low wages. They juggle classes, coursework, child care, and work; all while running their household alone. These single parents need many support services when adding college to their already busy lives,” stated Richardson.

Many of Gwinnett Tech’s student needs will be addressed with this funding. Students will have the resources to stay in school and finish their degree, which enables them to become part of the workforce, ultimately breaking the cycle of poverty and creating a sustainable living for the student and their family.

“Education and asset-building components are critical to helping women achieve economic self-sufficiency,” said AWF’s CEO Kari B. Love, “The funding Gwinnett Tech Foundation received through our Breaking Barriers, Building Women: Economic Empowerment Program to assist women with children through the Office of Special Populations with tuition and fees, books and supplies, housing assistance, childcare, transportation and food are the kind of wrap around services we know women need to succeed. We are excited to work with Gwinnett Tech, as an AWF partner, to help women in our community thrive.”